Monday, September 7, 2009

Sold Out Shows and Leaving for London

Monday. Yes, I know. Last night was the first in my new digs and I don’t have my internet set up just yet. So today we are coming to you live from the RSAMD computer lab!!

Thursday our final shows opened here in Glasgow. Because the three shows are on a rotation I had the night off. Therefore, I attempted to go and see my classmates present their work but alas, to no avail. SOLD OUT!! I missed the shows yes, but this is GOOD!! Very good that people want to see them! I’ll have a few more chances, but that being said, I should make a reservation just in case our luck continues! Friday and Saturday were also sold out so, those of you wanting to see the shows in London or Edinburgh may want to act accordingly.

Friday was opening night of my show, ‘Ashes Blood’ by David Harrower. We were pleased with our performance as were the director, playwright and attending faculty. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves as well. Saturday was the end of the Glasgow run and now we are off to London.

London. Most of us are taking the train tomorrow afternoon. We have the same schedule at the Hampstead Theatre as we did here in Glasgow at the Tron. I’ll be on Friday and Saturday nights and some time on Wednesday we will have a technical rehearsal to set the lights et al. in the new space. I’m in debate about how to spend the rest of my time in London. There are always shows to see and I think I may have to go back to Harrods to restock on rose tea and the most amazing dates I’ve ever had. Then, on Sunday, back to Glasgow and a short rest before the the final curtain comes down in Edinburgh the following weekend.

And that’s all folks! We are nearly at the end. Post Edinburgh there will of course be a mad rush to finish the five writing assignments due before the end of term but then, afterwards we will be turned out into the big bad world. Well, I’ve been there before but this time I will be in Scotland. I will be finding my feet and establishing my life here in this country. I am still learning how things work here and the cultural differences. I am American and sometimes painfully aware of it but, it’s exciting and challenging. I reflect how long it took me to settle into the New York way of life when I first moved there. It will take time. More than a year, most definitely but, what a glorious opportunity with all there is to experience.

Okay, next week it may be Monday before I post again as I will be traveling on Sunday but, I’ll let you know how it goes in London.
Take care my friends!

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