Sunday, September 27, 2009


Someone, I won’t say who, sent an email asking why I didn’t get my blog posting up sooner. Well, I’ll tell you; I was very busy Sunday doing absolutely NOTHING! That’s right m’ dears, I am finished with all the course requirements for my Masters of Arts in Classical and Contemporary Text at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Hooray!!!!!

Last week was dedicated to writing the five final papers for the course that were due on Friday the 25th of September; the last day of the term. I was glued to the computer all week. It was worth it though because I was pleased with the final products. I hope the committee is pleased as well! Our assignments will be reviewed by a committee of academics who will hopefully approve the work and grant us the credits we need to obtain the degree. Graduation isn’t until November so they have allotted time for these reviews to take place. The papers were summative statements regarding the final modules and the course as a whole and we also turned in our research projects.

What a week! What a year!! I have, of course, been in reflection for the past week but I know the full impact of this experience will take time to comprehend. There were many challenges and many benefits. One would expect a combination of goods and bads when embarking on a journey such as this. I have grown as a person and as an artist. I have been introduced to a plethora of exceptional people, companies and subjects and learned new techniques that I can add to my actor’s toolkit. I have lived and studied abroad learning firsthand about Scottish culture, British culture and European culture. It has indeed been an eventful year.

As for the future; mine is wide open. I’m going to stay in the UK for a while and take advantage of the post-study visa offered to the Americans upon approval of our degree. Until I secure this new visa I will be residing under my student visa. Therefore, there will be a short delay before I can start to seek out work as a performer. I cannot be employed as such on my student visa and can only work a limited number of hours. When the committee has finished their review and if the results are positive, I can then apply for the two year post-study work visa. So in the meantime, I will be looking for part time employment and will continue to work on some writing projects I am keen to develop.

Next week some of our class will be meeting some of the new class. I have met some incoming students already at various events and through emails. Thursday the faculty has arranged a meet and greet for whoever is available. I plan on attending. If we can be ambassadors to those who follow us, the inaugural year, then I am happy to offer my assistance. I’ll try not to scare them too much!

Until next week…
Take care!

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