Monday, June 22, 2009

It’s Over!

That’s right the crazy term that was number three has come to an end and all of us are still alive. We are at different levels of consciousness but we are alive. The On the Verge Festival wrapped on Thursday and everyone seemed to be happy with the results. ‘Dead in Scotland’ was well received by audiences. The story about two half sisters from totally different cultures, with totally different personalities that come together when their estranged father passes away seemed to be enjoyed by the folks that came out to see us. The project was meant to be a tribute to my South Carolina roots and to my current home of Scotland. I am looking forward to discussing the project with my professors and getting their feedback.

Friday my Mom arrived from the States and we have been catching up and doing some site seeing here in Scotland. Tomorrow we head off to Paris for three days and then to London for another three before returning to Glasgow for more site seeing in Scotland. I’ve never been to Paris and am very excited about seeing the famous city. London will also be fabulous as it is one of my favorite cities. We have tickets to a new production of ‘Peter Pan’ that is being directed by Ben Harrison. You may recall Mr. Harrison worked with my class for three weeks prior to Winter Break. He is a world renowned director of site specific theatre. ‘Peter Pan’ will be a fantastic event, I have no doubt. They have built a special pavilion in Kensington Gardens in London to house the event. It was in Kensington Gardens where J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan, first met the Llewelyn Davies family. It was this family, with five boys, that inspired him to write the now famous story. The audience will be in the round with a 360 degree screen surrounding them. The actors will be in the center on wires for a good portion of the play and the 360 degree screen will play film footage of the scenery. So when the boys and Wendy fly over London we will all fly over London. I can’t wait to see this production!

As promised below you will find photos from the past few months of crazy. Enjoy!
Take care!

King Lear - The Royal Family: Lear (Jeremy Crawford) sits on his thrown flanked by his eldest daughter Goneril (Una McDade) in black, middle daughter Regan (Amy Conway) in the red skirt and his youngest Cordelia (Lucy Goldie) in white

King Lear – The Earl of Gloucester (Tony Nappo) embraces his sons; Edgar (Remi Rachuba) left and Edmund (Phillip Burke) right

King Lear – The Duchess of Kent and Oswald (that’s me!)

Julius Caesar – Mr. and Mrs. Caesar: Eric Buchanan as Julius Caesar and Me as Calphurnia

Julius Caesar – Ready to go on in my second Calphurnia scene

Julius Caesar – Here I am as Mark Antony’s Servant, more of a political assistant in our production

Julius Caesar – and as the solider Titinius

In Ullapool Tony N and Jeremy put grey in their beards to get ready to do ‘King Lear’

Lucy as the Fool and Jeremy as Lear rehearse a scene in the performance space in Ullapool

The shore line in Ullapool

The waterfront row of B&Bs and shops in Ullapool

Boats afloat in Ullapool

The cast and director (Lauren Graham-center) of ‘Dead in Scotland’


Brian said...

Hi , i saw Remi Rachuba on one of your photo's. I went to the American Academy of dramatic arts school in New York with him. Do you know an emailadres so i can contact him?

Melanie said...

Hi Brian,
Yes I can put you in contact with Remi. Leave another comment if you will please with an email address and I'll forward you the info. I don't want to just post it here for all the world. Comments come to me by email and have to be approved for posting. I won't post your next 'comment' to avoid your email being splashed on the internet but will be able to email you directly. Cheers!