Sunday, June 14, 2009

‘Dead’ Tomorrow

Okay, okay I haven’t had a chance to sort out photos of the Shakespeare shows or the trip to Ullapool. But tomorrow and Tuesday I will be ‘Dead’ so hopefully I can work on them in the afterlife. This week has been: project show, full throttle. We have been rehearsing every day this week in preparation for tomorrow’s opening. The big day is upon us. It’s very exciting and well, other emotions. I can’t say anymore about it. I’ll give you a full report on the show next week. But if you are in the Glasgow area and want to come see it, I’ve included the details below.

All of us have been working very hard on our contributions to the On the Verge Festival that will play host to all our project shows. One group is doing an adaptation of ‘Doctor Faustus’ by Christopher Marlowe called ‘Faustus’. The group has been experimenting with rehearsal techniques and exercises in an effort to achieve a “flow” state for performance. Another student is doing an autobiographical one man show called ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ about the effect his grandmother has had on his faith and religion. Later in the week we will see ‘Re: Hedda’ which will examine the various aspects and relationships of one of Ibsen’s most famous characters, Hedda Gabler. There will be two undergrad contributions to the On the Verge Festival. ‘BPM’ will deliver a series of monologues in combination with music, chorus and dance tackling the themes social stereotypes on the thriving scene of Glasgow’s nightlife. ‘Pool (no water)’ gives us a story about a famous artist who invites her friends to her new home only to suffer a terrible accident and perhaps become her colleagues’ newest work of art.

Yeah Melanie but what is ‘Dead’ about? Okay. I’ll give you my tag line: One man left two behind…

More to come next week!

For more information about the On the Verge Festival visit:

On the Verge
Academy artists explore new directions
The Arches hosts seven pieces of theatrical work from some of the country's most exciting new voices. Over four days, audiences are invited to witness the work-in-progress of emerging artists from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
Raw, explorative and exciting this selection of works in development investigates both new writing and devised performance as each artist questions and pushes their boundaries within the theatrical form.
Tickets are £2 for each evening of performance and are available from the Arches / Tel: 0141 565 1000
Tickets are FREE on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday performances if you also buy a ticket to see Splinters £8/£6 conc

Me and Mrs Jones
Monday 15 June / 7.00pm
Tuesday 16 June / 5.30pm
Directed by Jeremy S Crawford
Written and performed by Phillip Burke

Dead in Scotland
Monday 15 June / 8.00pm
Tuesday 16 June / 6.25pm
Directed by Lauren Graham
Written by Melanie Ann Wiliford
Performers: Barbara Drum Sullivan and Melanie Ann Wiliford

Monday 15 June / 9.10pm
Tuesday 16 June / 9.50pm
Directed by Marc Silberschatz
Performers: Phillip Burke; Amy Conway; Cindy Derby; Una McDade; Remigiusz Rachuba; Tony Sehgal;
Based on ‘Doctor Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe

Tuesday 16 June / 9.00pm
Thursday 18 June / 6.35pm
Directed by Jamie Wardrop and Andrew Campbell
Performers: Jamie Wardrop; Andrew Campbell; Neil Girvan; Alisa Anderson and Murray Sharp

Wednesday 17 June / 5.30pm
Thursday 18 June / 9.00pm
Directed by Amanda Gaughan
Performers: Cindy Derby; Gwendolen Einsiedel; Eilidh McCormick

Pool (no water)
Wednesday 17 June / 6.30pm
Thursday 18 June / 9.55pm
Directed by Oliver Emanuel
Written by Mark Ravenhill
Performers: Fraser Boyle; Darran Lightbody; Melody Grove; Thomasin Rand

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