Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Fever, British Summer Time and the Fabulous PSS

The clocks in the UK sprung forward today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t made aware of this fact until after I had missed my movie. Daylight Savings Time took effect a few weeks ago, on March 8th in the US but on this side of the pond we move to British Summer Time on the last Sunday of March. I do wish it felt a bit more like summer time. I keep trying to will the warmth by wearing lighter clothes but inevitably end up freezing when I go out.

At present, most students are on what Americans would call Spring Break. Liberty House is pretty quiet right now. I won’t see many of my hall mates until after Easter. A few of my American classmates are headed back stateside. I’ve asked those New York bound to bring me back a Border Burrito in a spinach tortilla from Burritoville and a soy dog with kraut and cheese with a side of air fries from Better Burger but somehow I don’t think these delicacies will travel well. Ho hum.

This past week was my first working at the Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland. I’m there as an intern on what they call a professional placement. PSS is a fantastic organization dedicated to the development of new writings and new playwrights. They lead all kinds of initiatives to seek out new talent and cultivate that talent and their work. PSS sponsors an assortment of workshops and competitions. They have a play reading service where writers can submit scripts and receive professional feedback on their work. PSS arranges mentorships between established playwrights and emerging playwrights. They also arrange script development workshops where a playwright can work with actors and directors and hear their play read and worked out loud. This is extremely useful for the playwright to identify potential problems with the script and make adjustments before they submit it as a production ready final draft. Julie Ellen is the inexhaustible Creative Director of PSS. Wonder woman Claire Dow is the General Manager. And the super team is rounded out by the indispensable Sonja Lowe and the invaluable Claire Yspol. I have to say working with these ladies has been an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks have in store!

To find out more about Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland check out their website:

Tomorrow I’m off to see a new play and I’ll continue my Shakespeare homework.

Until next week, take care my friends!

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The Maguires said...

Hi, Melanie. I always enjoy reading about your adventures. I want to send Karen Carmean a hard copy of your blog. You may have heard that she is deathly ill with lung cancer. She has survived much longer already than we had thought. She would enjoy reading your writing. You are such a good writer. Take care. ~Kelly