Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Hello! So sorry to be tardy! I try my darn-dest to get my weekly blog entry posted on Sunday or Monday at the latest but we here at Liberty House have had major problems with our internet. A power outage that occurred on Saturday evening seems to have affected the internet service. Power came back within a few hours but the net has been AWOL for days. It appears to be settled now and we can move on with our cyber-life.

Now, I want to just take a moment to mourn the economy.


Thank you. Seriously though, I don’t like to dwell on negative things and I certainly don’t want to get into any kind of debate about what caused/is causing the problems but, I recently learned that some of my former friends and co-workers in New York have been laid off. Hard times may be ahead for us here in the UK and back home in the US. We must stay strong and hold on to hope. I’m sending out positive vibes to my former colleagues and pray that as one door closes in their lives, another one will open and very soon.

In less depressing news; Hedda is going well. Everyone seems to be enjoying their time with Hedda the Head Case (read the play, you’ll see, she may have benefitted from a good shrink). My group is making “Hedda” way. I know, I’ll stop; it’s just so easy…
Anyway, we present our Hedda Gabler scenes next week for faculty review.

Tomorrow we have an all day workshop with Jacqui Crago. Ms. Crago is an expert on the human voice and will no doubt get us to make some noise. And Thursday and Friday we will be working with Lorne Campbell. Mr. Campbell is a director and alum of the RSAMD and is particularly skilled in the practice of developing new writing. He will be showing us some approaches that may help us with our professional playwrights and the scripts they are writing for us. Mr. Campbell will also be mentoring my research project. Yea! My project partners and I are very happy to have his guidance.

Well, I hope those of you on the Eastern seaboard who were hit by the recent blast of snow are digging out and staying warm and dry.

More adventures to come…
Take care my friends!

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