Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glasgow: First Impressions

Hello my faithful readers! Sorry to leave you all in limbo for so long. It took me ages to get connected to the internet in my new home.

I have arrived in Scotland. This is day eleven. The flight was uneventful (thankfully). Customs was a snap (thank goodness). My living quarters are on the fourth floor of a student complex; no elevator (good exercise, especially on move in day with three 70lb suitcases. Feel the burn!). Here is a quick comparison to my life in New York.

Weather: wetter
Walking: the same
Subway: cuter, smaller, not 24 hours
Prices: double (taking into account the exchange rate)
Food: not as accessible especially for my picky tastes and restricted budget (lots of fried food)
Pigeons: the same
Buildings: shorter, older, quite beautiful
Shopping: considering the amount of stores it’s actually kind of challenging. They close earlier and they don’t have the variety I am accustomed to finding. Lots and lots of clothes shops where I live. House wares seem to be harder to find.
Accent: Well they ain’t from Brooklyn are they! Some people are fine but sometimes when listening to people with really thick accents it sounds like another language; I really have to concentrate.

Naturally, there is an adjustment for me. Some level of culture shock. There are quite a few Americans in my program (including three New Yorkers) so it helps to have others going through the same things. But Glasgow is a lovely place with friendly people and so far it’s been easy to get around. And of course things with simplify and relax as I settle into my new life. I am very excited about the coming year and delighted and honored to be here and have these opportunities.

Classes are just starting this week. Last week was a series of orientation sessions. I’ll report more on the program next time. I will say we have 20 fabulous people who all seem ready and willing to work as an ensemble and maximize the benefits available to us. I am very much looking forward to working with these talented and dedicated individuals.

More to come…

Stay tuned!


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