Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dress Code

This weekend was the first weekend I saw men in kilts. I was staring. I’ll admit it. I’ve seen them before of course, but it has always been in some sort of ceremonial context or a costume for a performance or international festival. But there they were walking the streets this weekend. Friday evening to be precise. A kilt topped with a shirt and tie. Just as if it was part of a suit, except there were hairy naked legs and then socks and shoes. It struck me as odd. It struck me as rather chilly actually. And it wasn’t just one man or a group of men. There were random sightings all over the city Friday night. I’m still trying to decide if I like the look. Not that the Scots care what I think. There are plenty of kilt shops around the city. Not tourist type shops, although there are those, but legitimate kilt shops like a gentlemen’s suit shop; a tailor. And some are very formal. Fancy stuff. But still, seeing them on the mannequins is different than seeing them walk down the street with a nicely dressed lady in tow. But this is nothing compared to what the young ladies wear…

Young teenage girls; 13, 14 maybe 15. Gaggles of them hit the town on the weekends, often Sunday evenings. Many of the local nightclubs have an underage night, usually Sunday. The adults make way, the taps take a night off and the latest remixes of top 20 bubble gum pop pump in rhythm from the DJ booth. And the girls arrive in their very own signature fashion. Neon tutus with matching leg warmers. I kid you not my friends! Neon yellow, neon pink, neon orange, neon green, neon blue TUTUS! And of course, matching leg warmers. Neon is very, very big among the younger set here in Glasgow and the girls don it in the form of stiff tulle. I have passed some shops that sell the fashion rage but so far I have resisted.

Big Thanks to Cindy Derby for the undercover photos!

That’s the report for now. I’m enjoying my new city and working hard in my new program. This coming week we begin our ensemble work based on Homer’s Iliad. So I’m off to study my Greeks. I’ll let you know how the Trojan Horse scheme turns out if you don’t already know. Be well my friends!

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