Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nine Months Over for Some and Nine Weeks Left for the Rest of Us

This past week we received more pages of the scripts for our contemporary plays and met with our playwrights, a bit of rehearsal was initiated and one of our classmates became a father for the first time. It was a busy week. For some more than others!

The contemporary plays are on their way, yes, but who cares about that; there’s a new baby! Our Eric (who recently played my husband; Julius Caesar) and his partner Imogen welcomed their little boy into the world on Friday July 24, 2009 just before 10:30pm. We got to see a photo and he looks just like Dad! Yea Baby Boy!! They are still debating names.

This week we will continue our rehearsals and meetings with playwrights. Final versions of our performance scripts should be locked in by week’s end. In September we will present our contemporary shows here in Glasgow and take them to London and Edinburgh. And in between I’m sure there will be plenty of baby talk! But we are on to the final push. It is nearly over!! We will be visiting the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh to see some of the shows offered and we will be doing a reading of a new script called ‘Smoke’, but that’s it folks! This train is pulling into the station. Many of us are looking to get a jump on all the writing assignments due at the end of term. We will have about four papers due and that won’t be fun to do while we are on the road with the shows plus many of us will be moving house! Those of us in student housing will need to find an alternative for the last two weeks of term as our contracts are up but the term continues. So there is much to think about and organize in the next two months!

What a year! Well, I shouldn’t jump the gun yet, we still have a few more things to accomplish! Is it wrong that I’m already thinking about what to wear to graduation? Yes, focus Melanie! Papers to write, shows to put up! Focus! Oh and a baby!! I can’t wait to meet him!! I wonder if he’ll be an actor when he grows up.

More from the nursery, I mean, rehearsal room next week!
Take care!

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