Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Caesar' and the Resurrection in Ullapool

So another whirlwind week has finished. ‘Caesar’ was a success. People seemed to like it. I think we all feel pretty good about the work. We are all a bit tired though.

Alas, no rest for the weary. Tomorrow we board a bus at 9:30am and take a seven hour journey north to the coastal town of Ullapool. Ullapool, I am told, is lovely. I’ll be able to report more on that next weekend and hopefully offer some photos. We are presenting the shows in Ullapool in an outreach to the people of the Highlands who don’t get to see near the amount of theatre as is available in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I am looking forward to the trip but I do wish I had a bit more time to rest. We closed Thursday, had a company meeting regarding the trip and saw an undergraduate show on Friday. Saturday we had a pick up rehearsal for ‘Lear’ and had another show to see that evening. And today we rehearsed for our project show ‘Dead in Scotland’ (I think I’m beginning to understand what that means). Ullapool’s schedule will be just as full with a tech rehearsal for each show on Tuesday, two shows of ‘Lear’ on Wednesday, two shows of ‘Caesar’ on Thursday and back on the bus homebound on Friday. Then can I rest? Well, I might be able to have a day or so but we must barrel on as that will be the home stretch for our project shows. My Mom is coming for a visit after that. Good thing too. She may have to scrape up what’s left of me.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. This term has been intense! But we will be proud in the end, I know.

Okay I know this is brief but I have to get packed for Ullapool and get some sleep! I’ll let you know all about the trip next week.
Take care!

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